Want to grow, create & have fun?

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Want to grow, create & have fun?

Job description

We’re Hiring. You’ll be a junior designer, learning and taking direction from a wonderfully skilled senior designer. Often, Claire will let you run because that’s how you learn. We’re a small business so you’ll most likely not only be designing – you might be called on to pitch to a client with one of the team, do some desk research from time to time, input in brainstorming sessions etc.

You’ll also be working across two brands – Sherpa and it’s cheeky young social media sibling, Moxie Media. You might need a bit of moxie to work here. Then, you’ll also be helping the team to build some of the offshore e-commerce businesses we’re involved in.

So you’ll be designing websites, putting the slickest of presentations together, creating new-to-world logos, social media posts, newsletters, broadsheets etc.

Sherpa has been established for over 10 years so there is a semblance of traditional stability but if its fun, variety and growth that you’re looking for, then we’re a very good place for you right now.

Being bubbly and bright would be good attributes to have because the Boss gets a little grumpy sometimes (top, top brand strategist, we might add) and needs cheering up, but you’ll also need an eye for detail.

Company Description

Brand strategy and design company



  • Suitable creative qualification

Skill requirements

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Ideally, working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint)

Remember to send us your portfolio as well.

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