2018 marketing trends for small businesses

2018 marketing trends

2018 marketing trends for small businesses

If small businesses are to be heard or seen in 2018, they’re going to have to really dive in to latest marketing and communications thinking. Social media is going to be ultra-competitive – you’ll need to be brilliant at it. And look for ways to integrate your various communications strategies.

The personalization of marketing:

“Marketing is becoming increasingly personal, and this trend will keep going as we move into the new year. No longer will stock images, generic nurturing campaigns, or impersonal calls to action convince consumers. In order to succeed, you’ll have to provide high-value and personalized content every step of the way.”
– Harrison Doan, director of analytics at Saatva

Modern marketing tools make personalization possible:

“While email marketing has traditionally been a one-to-many medium, it’s a great example of this trend being brought to life as we continue to see an increased focus on more customized messaging heading into 2018. A major catalyst behind this shift toward one-to-one has been advances in personalization technology, especially click segmentation. Personalizing email marketing is especially valuable because small businesses often have a variety of products, yet not every offering will necessarily appeal to every customer on an email list.”
– Dave Charest, director of content marketing at Constant Contact, an Endurance International Group company

AI will emerge as a critical marketing tool:

“In the past executives may have tinkered with AI to schedule their calendars, but 2018 will see the end of the experimental phase and the beginning of applying artificial intelligence to solve the most soul-crushing marketing problems. For example, conversational AI companies like Conversica will make it possible for PR companies to harness conversational AI for lead nurturing and finding new clients. CRM companies like Helpshift will streamline customer service.  AI however will not replace traditional media relations.  Journalists deserve a human touch that AI will not yet be able to mimic.”
– Curtis Sparrer, principal at Bospar PR

Social advertising will become more competitive:

“For paid social ads in Facebook, the 2018 landscape will continue to get far more competitive. Facebook advertising is still in its ‘Golden Age,’ but the company is growing the number of advertisers at a very rapid pace. While large companies jumped on the Facebook ad bandwagon some time ago, there is significant long-tail growth among SMBs which still have not embraced Facebook ads fully and the vast majority are not advertising there. The end result of this, Facebook will continue to accelerate the number of advertisers it has with SMBs and CPM and CPC costs will rise for all Facebook advertisers.”
– Toby Danylchuk, co-founder of 39 Celsius Web Marketing

There will be growth in small business cross-channel marketing:

“Very few small businesses today do any sort of cross-channel strategic advertising. Many owners even have separate vendors for Facebook, Google, web content, web maintenance, etc. Large brands do this rather well, and I believe in 2018 we will see small businesses utilizing integrated strategies – and these small businesses will outperform their competitors.”
– Bil Gaines, digital marketing director of Custom Creatives

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