Brands and Day Zero

Brands and Day Zero

Brands and Day Zero

With uncertainty and some fear sweeping the Western Cape, which brands will stand out as Day Zero looms?

Who do we have to thank?

People generally make brand choices on the alliances which brands have built over the years. Which brands will identify most closely with what’s going through the minds of their customers?

Pick ‘n Pay, FNB, Standard and Boland Bank

When it just becomes too much for many, which brand will remind them to hang in there? Which brand will tell them that they may be creased, smelly and dirty but that they’re actually resolute, unbowed and admired? Maybe Pick ‘n Pay with their “Inspired By You” slogan will resonate. They would really capture the space if they said: “In fact, we are so inspired by you that we won’t be increasing our water prices.”

I’m not sure that FNB would really want any responses from beleaguered Western Cape clients. With their “How can we help you?” brand anchor, they’d be a tad overwhelmed. Maybe they can provide soft loans for those who would prefer not to stand for hours in queues for their water each day. For a family of four, you’d need R12 000 per month to escape the queues.

And just as well Standard Bank weaned themselves off that ill-conceived “Simpler. Better. Faster” slogan of some years back. Finding parking, queuing for hours, lugging back-breaking containers back to the car.

Remember Boland Bank’s “Who do you have to thank?” With them owning up to the crisis, we could stop arguing about whether De Lille, Zille, Mokonyane or van Riebeeck caused this great inconvenience. It was Boland Bank, they admitted it. True to their brand promise, they gave all the water to their farmer clients.

But seriously, what can cause established associations with brands to change?
  • Which brands increased their water prices?
  • Which brands worked 24/7 to get water down to the Western Cape?
  • Which brand made their stores available for distribution?
  • Which brands lived up to their promise of “the consumer’s friend”?
  • Which brands identified with animal shelters?
  • Which brands advanced their “about community” positioning?

Many brands are built on the back of caring and community themes – it’s going to be interesting which hero brands have the courage to stand out and identify with their customers over the coming months.

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