Why must smaller businesses think brand today?

Why must smaller businesses think brand today?

Why must smaller businesses think brand today?

Smaller businesses often don’t think about themselves as brands. They think brands are only for the Google, Nikes and Apples of the world.

One misconception is that a brand is a logo. It’s not – it’s about how people experience you, how they associate with you. It’s about emotions. People often also talk about brands as being all about perception. With the abundance and spontaneity of information today, what consumers or customers say is reality not perception.

Why MUST smaller businesses think BRAND today? In the crowded, competitive, spontaneous online media world today – be that social media, your website, PPC or banner ads. What is it about you that, in maybe two seconds, connects deeply with the audience you’re looking for?  Because sure as eggs, they’re not going to scroll or page back to your banner for a second glimpse.

It follows that in order to compete in the online world today, you do need to be the brand that stands out, differentiates and means something. The trick is finding out what it is that your customers are looking for, what it is that they associate you with?

And remember – it’s not what you think, it’s what THEY think!

So why do you need a brand strategy? We’ve seen so many business owners spending their marketing budget saying things that customers just don’t give a toss about. Or, stating things that are expected. For example, qualifiers like ‘service’ or ‘integrity’ should be experienced, not told. Or maybe they spend the marketing budget rabbiting on about technical features or price, but the customer is just looking for ‘safety’ or ‘prestige’ or whatever.

The answers lie in your brand. Your brand is waiting to be discovered!

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