4 reasons why a Brand & Marketing approach will get your employees on your side.

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4 reasons why a Brand & Marketing approach will get your employees on your side.

The 4 points indicate Sherpa’s approach to internal communications, forming strategic and creative tick boxes as we go about our work.

1. Emotion
You all know the saying. ‘People soon forget what they’ve heard or read but never forget how you made them feel’. There is a huge difference between writing content and creating content with the stated aim of eliciting certain emotions. How do you want your people to feel when reading your content? Informed, yes – that’s obvious. But set the tone by writing down what emotions you would like them to experience because this becomes your objective. That’s what brands do.

2. Strategy
Think ‘brand strategy’ when planning your internal communications. Why? Because a brand strategy is all about defining how a company or product connects with its audience. It is how you realise the ’emotion’ that you’re aiming for which we touched on under 1. Emotion. The brand strategy creates a common thread, setting the tone for successful communications.

3. Differentiate
Your internal communications is one of many that your employee will receive in that hour. There’s tons of company emails to deal with, and then even more personal stuff which grabs them. WhatsApp. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. TikTok. SMS’s. What makes the employer decide to read your communications?

Top brands differentiate so that it makes it easy for people to associate with them. What do you employees associate your internal communications with? Whatever you do – exciting design, captivating copy etc. – creates a positive, ambivalent or negative emotion (how you make them feel) which must be more compelling than the mundane policy email or irritating friend’s post.

To be successful, start seeing all other communications – internal and external – as competition, or a distraction, to your internal communications programme.

4. Understanding
In your mind, you’re communicating with an employee. But you’re really communicating with somebody who spends a lot of time on digital platforms and knows what repels or attracts attention. Within Brand & Marketing, you have skills such as strategy, creating a consistent thread which differentiates; design which attracts; copywriting to engage; PR to influence; social media which “gets” behaviour and then, marketing to determine the most appropriate channels to reach the employees and measure performance. If you really want to connect with your employees, you’ll need all of these skills converged into your internal communications.


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Sherpa is as passionate about internal communications as it is about external communications. We thrive on creating a positive vibe for change management communication projects and generally, helping HR to build culture, common purpose and a sense of pride in companies who need their employees on their side.

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