6 Reasons for low e-commerce conversion

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6 Reasons for low e-commerce conversion

Sung to the 1976 Dianna Ross song “Do you know where you’re going to”, many e-commerce shoppers could be humming the same tune when visiting your e-commerce site.

What are some of the reasons that can cause a low conversion rate on an e-commerce site?

1. They don’t like it
They just don’t like what they see on your e-commerce site. There’s no connect. What you think is important and what they know is important are two different things. You need to focus on usability – it’s not about you, it’s about them. Put yourself in their shoes if you can. You’ll need to troubleshoot the e-commerce site design. If we break things down, the visitor just wants to get information that is important to them and once done (and if desirable), easily complete a transaction. Why do we insist on building barriers to stop them doing that?

2. You don’t know them
Are you marketing to the right people? Because if the wrong people are visiting your e-commerce site, they’re not going to find what they want and your conversion rate will be low. One needs to think beyond demographics now – start thinking about behaviour and market to personas. Remember, your e-commerce website cannot be all things to all people.

3. You’re not mobile
Difficult to believe in this day and age, but your e-commerce website is not mobile friendly. Get this sorted. Fast! Between 2015 and 2016, sales on mobile devices increased by 65%. By 2019, there will be circa 11 billion mobile devices around but usage still lags that of desktops. Make sure that you cater for both as they’re often the same person.

4. You’re not clear
This is about your copy. Does it persuade? Is it informative? Well written? Is it credible? Is it free of errors? Is there a sense of commitment – what promise do you make? This fault is particularly relevant for your call to action. Does your e-commerce website present a single-minded, clear call to action?

5. You’re not exciting. Or you’re too excitable
The latter deals with too much clutter, excessive noise and sideshows. Keep things simple, focused and single-minded. If anything is nice to have, lose it. Your e-commerce website likes to travel light.

Graphics and images are obviously very important in order to catch the eye and create an emotion. But please use high quality images – if its low-quality or grainy, all that time and investment that you’ve sunk into your e-commerce site gets lost in an instant. Don’t skimp on the images!

6. They can’t find you
What is your search engine optimisation (SEO) report telling you? Are you interpreting the data correctly? Do your keyword research thoroughly and make sure that your content and web pages are fully optimised.

Looking wider than SEO, look at your marketing strategy and elements. Are you using the right media to promote your e-commerce business?

Next time that you hear Dianna Ross’ iconic “Do you know where you’re going to” we hope that you can respond “Hell, YES!”

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