Become a Marketing Machine

Become a Marketing Machine

Installing a well- executed  brand , a focused marketing plan and a well-organised sales system

Sherpa helps businesses to become marketing machines through the completeness yet simplicity of our service.

With an emphasis on activation through unleashing our experience, Sherpa builds momentum for businesses.

Our marketing services allows for a mentoring, consulting or outsourced management basis.

The emphasis is on helping you to become brilliant in 3 areas, each dependant on each other for success.



Respected, admired and lasting

In a B2B environment, the buyer often has to present your case to others for decision-making. What does he or she say about you? And how do you differentiate from others competing for the same business?  What makes you stand out?  How are you different?

Sherpa walks you through the process of developing your brand in a step-by-step journey, creating something that is respected, admired and relevant.

You’ll experience Sherpa’s right, creative brain.



Mapping, resourcing and measuring

We help you to map out a marketing strategy, resource it and then activate it.

Questions that we’ll answer include, amongst others:

  • which marketing solutions will support your marketing objectives and be consistent with your marketing strategy?
  • whether those solutions include a website, sales team, PR, promotion, social media or product development or whatever –  we’ll make sure that you avoid wasting money on “nice-to-haves”.
  • how will success be measured?

You will find that each element or solution feeds off and into each other, delivering a focused and cost-effective marketing effort.

Here, you’ll discover the left brain, the linear or structured side of Sherpa.



Assets, near assets and lifeblood

With Google as important as your top salesperson, we look at ALL the areas – virtual or physical – that need to perform in order to acquire new clients and retain existing clients.

We have a unique approach of viewing clients and prospects as assets and near assets and will put processes in place to help you manage these assets effectively.

We find that businesses lack the resources, energy or skills to acquire new clients, the lifeblood of a business.  We also arrange sales specialists to generate leads for you.



Sherpa was founded in 2006.

Your account will be managed by Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse who has led the brand-, marketing-, sales-, product development- and communications portfolios for some of South Africa’s top companies.

Sherpa’s clients can be found in financial services, IT, property, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, consulting, media and healthcare.

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