If it looks boring, then …. ZZZZZ

If it looks boring, then …. ZZZZZ

An organisation’s most expensive asset, and arguably the most effective marketing tool, is its staff. When an organisation thinks of their employees as its first market, it creates employees who feel connected. Internal marketing helps employees understand their value, and the value they create for their clients. The best leaders know after all, that strong brands aren’t built by the marketing department, but by the role played by each employee in every department.

Employees are brand ambassadors. How do companies communicate with these valuable assets? From our experience, internal communications is mostly ineffective and, yes, boring. When one gets low view rates, both employers and the agency tend to blame it on apathetic, lazy or cynical staff, instead of looking at how they’re communicating.

How should it be done? Sherpa has developed some fresh thinking; some of it will even prove controversial. It’s not about mobiles and apps – these channels are qualifiers. It’s about spontaneity, understanding what’s in the heads of your employees, storytelling, visuals, relevance. Ultimately, the way you communicate with your employees, will be the reference point for how employees communicate with each other, and with your clients.

We’ve tested our approach and its proving to be a winner. We’ll be launching it in March, can’t wait to show you what we and others are so excited about!

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