What do your clients associate you with? When they hear your name, what is the spontaneous reaction.

We know that brands are created by how customers and the market perceive you. Simple enough concept. But we often get it so wrong. We spend our marketing budgets telling people how we see ourselves which is a little silly given that we don’t buy from ourselves!

The scene setting opening slide in a sales presentation often does the same – what WE think of OURSELVES. From the prospects or audiences perspective it’s a little like “tell someone who cares”.

What you might want to try is a dipstick attitudinal gauge where we find out what your clients spontaneous response is when they hear your name.

If things are not as you’d like, then you can fix it. If you’re hearing good things, then we need to make sure that you’re saying those same good things on your website, your sales presentation, your brochures and advertisements.

Contact us and let’s discuss what’s involved in aligning your messaging and imaging to your market – let’s get you closer to how THEY see you.

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