Brand memorability

Brand memorability

Brand memorability

What makes your brand unforgettable?

Some brands are easily remembered while others are just as easily forgettable.

How do you ensure brand memorability?

  • Logo. A memorable logo. It doesn’t matter whether you’re big Nike or little Sherpa, your brand needs to stand out.
  • Name: What does your name say about you? More importantly, how does it resonate with your audience?
  • Tagline: Is your tagline memorable? Can your audience identify easily enough with it?
  • Brand positioning: Are you saying the same things as your competitors? If there’s 100 candles flickering in the dark, how does the market find you?
  • Brand consistency: Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Your brand can only ever have one light, one truth.
  • Marketing campaigns. Do you do enough marketing? Is it focused? Does it present what you think? Or on what the market needs to hear?
  • Brand experience. How do customers feel when they do business with you? They’ll soon forget your Facebook post but always remember how you made them feel.

The brand experience point is a derivative of a quote by poet Maya Angelou which many others have claimed over the years. Designing a customer experience is as important as designing as logo or creating a tagline. The brand experience does not happen by chance – put the right people and processes in place so that every interaction with your company is memorable!


Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa Brand & Design

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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