The names people play

The Names People Play

The names people play

As a branding company, we really enjoy helping our clients to find a name for their company or product. We normally only tackle such a task after taking the client through an intense brand DNA workshop, which helps to create a framework for the name. Ironically but I guess logically, creativity is at its best when funnelled.

Here are some of the names Sherpa has come up with over the last year or so.


ORA - Where caution meets innovation

The name Ora arose following the decision of Nodus, a niche financial player, to split the business into two clear components – corporate finance and asset management. The former retained the name Nodus whilst the latter needed to change. Ora develop and manage mostly money market or capital preservation funds – an asset class characterised by conservatism. However, Ora had developed a reputation for developing exotic products – always solid, but at the cutting edge of innovation. And so the name Ora was born. Roughly translated, Ora is Latin for “edge” which we took further to represent that place between zig and zag. The mountain and the sky. The sea and the shore. Solid yet searching.

The name positioned the company perfectly in the market, assisted by a strap line of “Where caution meets innovation.”


CompSol Relay - IOD claims solutions

Compsol, leaders in IOD (injured on duty) process management, launched a new product which converted the entire process of reporting an incident – notoriously long-winded and filled with paper and bureaucracy – into a fully integrated, online process which links the employer reporting the injury to the doctor to the specialist, if required. And, where doctors would typically wait up to 9 months for payment from government, they were now paid extremely quickly by Compsol.

We wanted to reflect the pace and slick handling of the product which was an alternative to the clumsiness and inefficiencies currently experienced in the industry by both government and larger corporate players.

RELAY seemed to encapsulate everything that we wanted to say about the product, which goes with a campaign line of “Cutting a long story short.”


Marathon - Consulting - Investments - Training

A management consultancy that needed to change their name after an MBO, Marathon described the consulting approach or methodology of the company plus resonated with their clients.

The Marathon consulting approach is not a quick intervention common to many management consulting companies. Rather, they travel a three year journey with the client. The processes are thorough, complete and perhaps even tedious for some but essential for companies that have entered a period of high and fast growth.

Two things here:

The name reflected the offering. No short cuts, it requires stamina and tenacity if the client is to come out the other end with a sustainable business. Also, going into a growth stage of any business is not for sissies – it’s tough and requires skills and fitness.

Also, the clients are mostly 30 – 40 year old entrepreneurs who had sacrificed plenty over 10 years or so to get their companies to where they were. The name Marathon connected with their clients at a deep level – the stamina, tenacity, self-belief and skill to stay in the race and prosper as entrepreneurs.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO, Sherpa Business Communications
July 2011

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