Sherpa – A breath of fresh air


Sherpa – A breath of fresh air

Since inception 12 years ago, Sherpa has always done things differently.

“We have always focused on what keeps business owners awake at night and delivered accordingly. This stems from a background in business and, at the time, having shareholders such as Pointbreak, which offered private equity and management consulting among other services. They influenced our understanding of what really makes business owners tick,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Some of the areas where Sherpa has differed from traditional agency models include:

  • Promoting a relationship between the client and Sherpa’s strategy and creative teams. The creative team identifies closely with the clients’ needs and can identify with the client’s business.
  • A one-to-one relationship between client and the Sherpa executive team, meaning that things happen faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Applying high-end brand strategy to smaller clients, differentiating them clearly and giving them an advantage.
  • Being able to talk beyond “creative”. Often, Sherpa acts as a sounding board to clients, providing input on a variety of issues ranging from business or marketing strategy to succession planning.
  • Developing a unique cash flow friendly model which allows clients with limited budget to enjoy high-end and complete design and communications services. This model – initially styled as w@xd – has since been refined into what we now call Sherpa Portfolios, which focuses on building a client’s sales pipeline.

“Creative agencies often talk about evolving to deliver the digital responses which dominate sales, marketing and branding today. We see having these skills as a qualifier. Where business clients have a limited understanding of the complexity of digital options aggravated by being operationally focused, Sherpa’s Portfolios demystifies the space and presents complete solutions through a unique approach,” says Gary.

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