Getting much better BUT.

Getting much better BUT.

During the course of the year, Sherpa switched from a local to an international software service provider for bulk mails. Although Sherpa generally absorbed the increased costs for retainer or WAXD clients in 2012, we will look at increasing charges in the new year.

“There were a number of reasons for switching such as less downtime and more stability. But the accuracy of reporting provided by our new provider is critical – we can now pick up who opened, what the email bounce status is, etc. – vital to improving mailer performance,” says Elsa.

The improved software comes at a cost but this should not deter Sherpa clients.

“The mailers will cost 9 cents per address. Our clients are not into spamming the nation so additional costs will be minimal in most instances. It does however improve performance, which also involves being more selective about your list,” says Elsa.

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