Sherpa has just launched a complete and fresh approach to internal communications which is capturing a lot of attention.

The advent of the app has changed internal communications for the better but Sherpa’s CEO Gary Hendrickse believes that if communicators continue to treat internal communications as a poor cousin of the more glamourous PR to external audiences, then the potential of an App will be wasted.

“Internal communications can play a huge role during watershed moments in a company such as mergers and acquisitions, restructures, organisation transformation and bringing employees on-brand or on-culture.  To be really effective, one needs to converge a number of communications skills,” says Gary.

Gary explains that truly effective communications need brand understanding to create association; marketing know-how to determine the most appropriate channels to reach scattered employees; creative responses to excite employees; social media savvy to get employees sharing and engaging; journalistic competence to source relevant stories and PR proficiency to persuade employees and build credibility.

Apart from the diverse but complimentary skills behind Sherpa’s new internal communications offer, the mindset is also very different as this THEN and NOW comparison shows:


Monthly, quarterly, bi -annually or annuallyNews shouldn’t wait – as it happens, send!

Blame poor readership on lazy, cynical, time-challenged, disinterested employees.Accept responsibility as a communicator – communicate as if your job depended on it!

Take a week or more to put the ‘newsletter’ togetherIf its ‘hot’, get it out same-day, within 30 minutes!

Good technical writing skillsBrand, marketing, PR, social media, creative, journalism skills!

Struggle to get stories or contentChase after stories like a newshound!

Tell, inform.Educate, inspire, entertain, motivate!

Hierarchal, stories segmentedEverybody gets everything!

ForwardLike, unlike, comment, share!

Knock disconnected content togetherSource content that supports objectives!

Newsletter sits 100 deep in inbox, amongst compliance, operational, policy stuff.News pops in front of you!  Only news that excites,  delights and ignites!


“Our approach might seem a touch radical but it makes sense. We’re already following this approach with a number of our clients and in fact, have done so for some time,” says Gary.

As a first phase, Sherpa has introduced this approach to the consulting sector focusing on organisational change where effective communications can make or break transformation objectives.

“We are also presenting the approach – let’s call it BUZZ – to the corporate market and we expect to land our first Sherpa BUZZ account soon.”

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