We called it right

We called it right

A while ago, Sherpa predicted that the emphasis on conventional Search Engine Optimisation would eventually shift. We believed that content should be created with people in mind, and not only search engines. With that mind-set, we focused our attention on helping our clients generate valuable information for building trust, branding, awareness and positive sentiment with their clients. Today Content Marketing is King! While academics debate the uses for SEO in the wake of Google’s new Algorithm Panda 4.1, we’re proud to think Sherpa’s contemporary thinking has given our clients the competitive advantage.




In 2015 we’re just adding the words “mobile” and “apps” as channels to drive content that is unique, contextual and personal, in a way that tells a story that is not only compelling, but one that meets the objectives of our clients business.

We called it right years ago, refined our approach, and adapted new technology and look forward to giving you an edge in 2015.

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