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Apart from the costs involved, there is also the emotional aspect of refreshing or changing a logo design. Although you are emotionally attached to your logo, your audience might be detached as it’s lost its meaning and become outdated.

1. Aged Logo Style.

When you started your company and designed a logo it had great meaning and significance to you. Over the years the company grew, and you didn’t have the time to think about the logo. It moved from centre stage to just being there.

In that time, logos and texts dated as we moved from complex logos to modern simplicity. Consumer attitudes have changed. What was cool then is yesteryear now. Competitors refreshed their logos, repositioning you as outdated, stuck in the past, and even stale.

Since starting the business, the digital space was not as prolific as it is today. How well does your old logo perform in the digital space? That is a good enough reason for a logo change.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, clients and customers need to sense that your company is evolving and staying relevant.

2. Evolved Company Focus.

Much might have changed in your company over the years. Acquisitions. Diversification. Product rationalisation. New markets, new products. Company culture shift. Changing client dynamics. We can go on, but an ambitious company moves forward quickly and in doing so, their trusty logo often struggles to keep pace with change.

Your new logo must present not only what you are now but also where you are going.

Managed objectively and professionally, a logo change or refresh is not a traumatic experience. It is a refreshing new journey framed by new insights. Communications to staff – especially long serving employees – and clients is an integral part of the process as a fresh and compelling story leads the company forward.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa


Sherpa is a brand strategy, design, and marketing agency. Sherpa’s clients work directly with agency CEO and Brand Strategist Gary Hendrickse or Creative Director Claire Hamilton, ensuring close attention and the benefit of their experience and expertise.