CEO’s, brands and coaching

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CEO’s, brands and coaching

To help CEO’s elevate their companies to brand status, try a coaching rather than consulting approach.

What stops a brand from happening?

Sherpa’s CEO and brand strategist Gary Hendrickse believes it’s often the CEO.

“It’s not because the CEO doesn’t believe in building a brand. But the vastness of a brand is difficult to grasp in one sitting, especially for left brain people. Another factor is that brand is generally delegated to the marketing manager. When you consider that brand is an enterprise solution, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that the marketing manager can influence every corner of the business.

We find it’s far more effective having a series of short but effective coaching-like sessions with the CEO or members of the executive, where they gain new insights, contribute and grow alongside their brand. They’re involved from Day One in a process but within a brand framework. We learnt this when figuring out how to change our model in order to consult via Skype to a client in Texas. We had to demystify a complex process. Session by session, our client and his brand grew together.”

The name Sherpa fits quite well with this approach of brand coaching.

“Sherpa has always been about guiding ambitious business owners to reach places that others seldom dream of. That climb to brand ascendancy is something few will ever experience and for employees, it is a career highlight. For the company, it’s another level.”

Contact Gary to find out more about Sherpa’s CEO & Brand coaching programme.

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