Clients giving back

clients giving back

Clients giving back

A top-rated corporate and specialised finance company is helping smaller and micro businesses with crucial cash flow modelling and planning.  Just two minutes of specialised advice can keep a small business in the game. When we asked if they were worried out being inundated with calls, they simply shrugged and said if they can help, they surely will. And a top pension fund has mobilised to get food hampers to the hungry.  Then, a magic craft gin brand reached out to those forced to cancel wedding plans. I also know that many of our clients have served communities long before COVID.  

Closer to home, Sherpa is looking at a model for small businesses to get into e-commerce successfully. We found that most of their budget is spent setting up an e-commerce website and then there’s nothing left to drive traffic to the store. All dressed up with nowhere to go, arguably the reason why 90% of e-commerce start-ups close within 6 months. So we’re hoping to reverse that budget skew and give small businesses a fighting chance as they adapt to the new remote era. We’ll keep you informed of progress but will most likely be positioning it as a separate brand for that sector.     

Keep well, stay safe and keep on climbing.   

The Sherpa team.

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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