He’d make a messi fullback

He’d make a messi fullback

Would Lionel Messi, the greatest football striker of all time, be as great if he played in defence?

I think he might make a decent fullback but he’s the greatest striker of all time.

As a reality check, sit back and think about the marketing team that you’re putting on the park every day. Is it balanced? Have you got the selection right? Does everybody know what their position on the field is?

You’ve got your solid, reliable folks who plug the gaps. They’re the defence. Focused, no-nonsense types. They make sure that competitors don’t break through and score by stealing your clients.

Then, you’ve got your midfield – picking the ball up from the defence and making incisive runs followed by a precision pass to put your strikers in a position to score. The midfield are creators and visionaries, they open the gaps. Up front, the glory boys – the strikers. They land the deals, they deliver the killer presentations, they deliver the breakthrough message. They score the goals.

Come to think of it, we must extend the soccer team analogy beyond people and into products or services. If you look at your mix of communications tools, are they all working as a team? Are they even on the same field? And of course, have a look if the rules of the game (and indeed the playing field) are still the same as it was when you put your “team” together.

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