Count on Number Jill’s

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Count on Number Jill’s

Following a management buy-out of a bookkeeping and accounting practice, directors Lelanie Theron and Bronwyn Deschamps approached Sherpa Brand & Design to help them with a new name, logo and strapline.

The brief was to differentiate from traditional practice names and also reflect what the practice means to their business clients.

The practice team is extremely hard-working, consistently going the extra mile for their business clients. In terms of personality, they are highly skilled professionals but also down-to-earth mothers and wives, providing a sense of nurturing and caring, tempered by disapproval when compliance is risked. In the search for a name, we somehow got to think of the clients as lumberjacks – they’re also pretty much down- to-earth characters (like attracts like) who work hard on their businesses out there in our harsh and wild economy. The name Number Jill’s sprung from there. Lumberjacks and Number Jills, the ultimate business partnership. Lelanie, Bronwyn and their team do the heavy lifting when it comes to their clients’ numbers.

From there, it was a quick sprint to the strap line of ‘Count on us’ – a play on the name but more importantly, it’s a promise and commitment to their clients.

It takes courage to stand out and aspire to build a meaningful brand. Naming themselves ‘Theron & Deschamps Inc’ would have been so much safer and easier. But therein lies a clue as to what Number Jills is all about – belief, commitment and going the extra mile.

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