Count the red cars

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Count the red cars

There is so much noise around us that we don’t see what should be standing out for us as a positive beacon of hope and success.

At a time when we are stressed about the state of the economy, it is easy to miss the red cars. Unless you’re looking for them.

Here are two red car moments.

  • Not all businesses will struggle. In fact, some will thrive. Who are those red cars? What roads are they driving on? What sectors are they in?
  • Even though some might feel the pinch, red cars keep on riding because they want to stand out. They know that if they swap their red car for a white car or worry too much about the price of fuel, they won’t be noticed.  Just like you, they have a need for business.

The second part of this story is that you too need to get into your red car and stand out so that others will notice you and find you. In fact, they want to pull into your driveway and park next to you.

How do you make sure that others looking for you actually find you?

  • Make sure that when they find you, your website is very clear as to why they should pull up in your driveway. Is your website user-friendly? Does your website clearly present why they should phone you? Is your website modern and fresh?
  • Every day, people looking for your services flock to Google. They’re looking for like-minded red cars. Start working on your rankings so that you make it easy for them to find you. If your rankings are not quite Page One stuff, let’s look at Google Search so that when people look for what you offer, they find you.
  • The economy is misty and foggy. You’re not going to be found in a silver or white car. Does your brand need refreshing? Is your brand strategy working for you? Get into a new red car and join the drive.

How do you ride where red cars ride?

  • How do you ride with the red cars? How can you stop at the robot alongside them?
  • They’re out there and they’re driving on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Maybe TikTok. Or at least one of these ‘roads’.
  • They also do a lot of their reading online, on their mobiles. You can reach them on Google-D as well. You can even decide which ‘roads’ you want to find them on.

We’ve had some fun with red cars but the gist of the story is:

  • Not everybody will go into a shell because of a slack economy.
  • The digital marketing space is highly competitive but it does allow you to reach who you’re looking for, and those people looking for you will have a good chance of finding you.

Tough economic times sharpen one’s thinking and refines our responses and this gets one through difficult cycles. And when the tide turns, then you’re way ahead of the game.

Let’s go find red cars!


Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa Brand and Design

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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