Creating Nuvision’s strapline

Creating Nuvision’s strapline

“We’ll take care of it.”

I was delighted when Nuvision asked our company to have a look at their brand because a brand is something that one “experiences” and I had firsthand experience of them. The odd burglary and a couple of car mishaps. Claim time. Reports. Quotes.

Like many people focused on clients and running a business, it seemed a schlep to get through what I suppose was basic paper work. Yet each time I needed them, Nuvision just stepped in and whatever needed to be done was done. Like invisible hands. It almost became a pleasure to put a claim in.

And so presenting a strap line of “We’ll take care of it” seemed pretty obvious and captured everything that we could possibly say in hundreds of words. Importantly, the strap line is also a promise to Nuvision’s clients, encapsulated in their new Comfort Card.

Having spent years in corporate life where “client service is the name of the game” but unfortunately seldom the game of the name, the simplicity of Nuvision’s obsession with client service amazed me. If I try and button it down, I think it comes down to their passion for people and a genuine pride in being associated with their clients.

Over these last three years I’ve seen Nuvision grow and the question was always “can they maintain those levels of service?” From what I’ve seen, they’ve worked hard on building a business model to ensure that they never lose that spirit that defines them.

Brands are not always built on the back of mega-buck advertising budgets. Brands are built by people serving people and truly understanding what makes them tick. If you are passionate about it and live it daily, then your brand will take care of itself.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa
October 2009

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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