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A Forbes article written by Ron Carucci got me thinking about content marketing. Do we use thought leadership enough to portray brand leadership?

In a time where knowledge is currency, every leader has ideas, insights and experiences which they can share with others.

Do leaders have the time in their frenetic day to articulate what is in their heads? Because all the data and insights gained are already inherent in their business strategies and vision so it’s a question of unpacking it into content.

The answer is probably ‘no’, they don’t have enough time. But the load can be shared by their leadership team who will each have ‘thoughts’ on their specialist portfolios. With this, the support of a savvy copywriter who can capture the essence of ideas and translate it into thought leadership content.

The ‘no, we don’t have time’ for content marketing can easily become “yes, if it’s important enough and with some help, it’s doable”.

The other question is whether verbalizing their thoughts provides insight into the direction that they’re embarking on to competitors?

Not really. Studying data, grasping trends and capturing how various – often unrelated factors – converge, will lead most leaders to the same or similar answers even though some will ignore or delay tackling the obvious triggers.

So, a thought-leadership article on AI, cybersecurity or the impact of unrest in your industry is unlikely to give your game away. The opportunity is to point thoughts to a systematic content marketing strategy.

What it will do is:

  • Position your company and brand as credible leaders.
  • Create a unifying lift throughout the company as others are encouraged to think wider and deeper, inviting innovation.
  • Attract new talent to the company, while retaining and growing existing talent.
  • Spark new conversations with clients.

The ‘Who’ you know remains relevant – especially in Sales – but the ‘What’ you know can elevate your brand to another level.


Gary Hendrickse

SHERPA is a Cape Town-based brand and marketing agency with a strong footprint in Gauteng and increasingly offshore. Services include Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, and Digital Marketing. Our strapline of Stand Out. Be Found is more than a slogan but a promise to our clients.