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Sherpa’s core services such as content creation, social media and more empowered us to transform from traditional PR services to modern PR offer some years back already.

Convergence to digital PR

While traditional PR releases remain a service, our PR offer is really about the convergence of content marketing, digital PR and connecting the dots between PR and brand strategy. We do not see boxes when it comes to PR – we think the “whole”.


Our understanding of the wide open (but at the same time crowded) spaces such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other channels is central to our PR offer. It’s about building reputation for our clients and once we’ve opened them to new worlds, protecting their reputations.

Sherpa’s PR offer is about story telling which connects with audiences that our clients want to reach.


When it came to PR, discussing ROI with a client was always contentious. Today, you’ll find easily quantifiable deliverables, primary goals and analytics to measure when working with Sherpa’s PR team.

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