Do the basics brilliantly


Do the basics brilliantly

It admittedly sounds a bit self-serving for an agency to promote marketing in tight times, but we can only share our own experience. We cut our costs during COVID times like most businesses, but we took the bulk of those savings and ploughed it back into marketing, resulting in strong (and unexpected) growth. Personally, not being in the market makes me feel naked, vulnerable and jittery. Like the world is in charge. No way!

It’s not about being irresponsible or reckless.

It’s about taking a look at what you’re doing and figuring how to focus your marketing investment, particularly if there is less to go around.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

1. Partnership with your agency.
If you have a close relationship with your agency, be open with them. It could be that in good times you were enjoying optimal solutions. If you need to manage your budget, have a chat about where whatever you can afford will achieve the best results. There’s just no percentage in spreading limited budget widely.

2. Sharpen your brand.
I’m not talking about a new logo, new tagline and fresh graphics. I’m talking about making sure that you’re saying and showing the right things, whether that’s on your website or a sales presentation. One often spends money promoting things that are not understood or mean little to your audience. Solid brands survive.

3. Seek non-strugglers.
Some sectors do not feel the same pain as others. In fact, some grow. Make this search for non-strugglers a priority. And then before charging in, take the time to figure out how your offer is going to resonate quickly with them because you only strike gold once.

4. Digital rocks.
Mastering digital marketing is everything. You have platforms so that people looking for what you offer can fund you. And platforms to take your services to those people who use your services frequently. Stand out, be found.

If you’ve shelved plans to refresh your website, make sure that a professional is maintaining it so that it performs at an optimal level when prospects find you.

Which platform(s) will work for you?

5. Little big touch.
You might have a CRM programme running and your reps are calling on clients. But here’s something that cost nothing in a B2B environment.

Ask your CEO to take 5 minutes out each day and just phone a client. Hi. How are things going? Heard you’re doing some good things. Keep up the great work. Appreciate your business.

That’s much better than a newsletter.

Find the little big touches that make somebody’s day.

The key lesson is don’t cut marketing costs before figuring how you’ll stay in the market. When you find a way, do it brilliantly.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa


Sherpa Brand & Design has a track record of helping its clients do things brilliantly. Formed in 2006, Sherpa has large corporate clients as well as smaller clients who enjoy our strapline (more of a promises) of Stand Out. Be Found.

Stand Out refers to differentiating from your competitors while Be Found deals with those people looking for you finding you. The two go hand in hand.

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