Easy Peasy. Let’s do this.

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy. Let’s do this.

QR codes

You will have noticed QR or Quick Response Codes on articles in your favourite magazines. What about QR codes on your next brochure?

The matrix barcode, initially designed for the automotive industry, has become popular in other applications due to its fast readability and large storage capacity.

The QR scanner applications are easy to download on most smartphones, opening up a new world of communications. Using the application, the users simply point their cell phones at the QR code and access the link there and then: Instant messaging!

Where would you put your QR code?

  • On your brochure or annual report, creating a fast and convenient link to your website
  • Your email signature, Facebook Page
  • Normal account statements or letterheads
  • Posters at a tradeshow or exhibition

Contact Elsa Barnard now to talk about how a QR code can help you. And how we can get this application working for you.

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