The one thing – Find it

The one thing – Find it

When you’re carving a market position, you need to be very single-minded.

What is the ONE reason why they should buy your product?
“I buy from X because they offer me Y.”

So, start thinking about how your product or service makes the world a better place for certain people. Is it faster?  Or easier?  Most eco-friendly?  Most comfortable?  Most cost-effective?  Most creative?  Least calories?  Lowest fees?  Most flexible?

What is it?
“They buy from us because our prices are competitive, products are quality and our service is excellent.”


Almost every business owner that I’ve met tells me that this is what DIFFERENTIATES them. If everybody says that, it’s hardly a competitive advantage.

Find the one thing.

Too often, we spread limited marketing budget behind 3 or 4 very average or common-place features or benefits. And your competitors do exactly the same. You all offer quality, service and competitive pricing?  Who does the market believe?  It’s like a blur.

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