Finding like-minded clients

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Finding like-minded clients

Despite a cruel economy, there will always be like-minded companies that refuse to wait for bad times to pass and with some thinking, figure out who really needs them irrespective of the environment. 

The COVID wave affected most businesses and Sherpa was no exception. We did the typical cost cutting thing but where to from there? Waiting for the universe to swing in our favour makes me jittery so we invested a big chunk of the savings into marketing. The impact of new business on top of cost savings is always a pleasure.

There were two realisations:

  • While the market was depressed, there were other CEO’s and business owners out there who also felt uncomfortable with the notion of waiting for better days, and
  • Not all sectors were struggling.

The cleaning, delivery, fitness equipment, technology and healthcare sectors were thriving during COVID’s debilitating sojourn.

Sherpa was already well covered in the healthcare theatre, so our target was the technology sector. Apart from their ability to work remotely, they were in demand as their clients needed to migrate to home offices. But that wasn’t the main reason why we found technology companies appealing.

Technology has become a qualifier these days as opposed to ten years ago or so. The sector has become a commodity – something that companies have to have. This has resulted in technology companies having to shift from telling people what they do to why they matter. In short, with everybody saying the same things, the savvy players needed to start differentiating themselves. We soon landed a hoist of diverse tech companies – IT infrastructure support, cybersecurity, machine learning / Ai, and surveillance. Happy days!

Another obvious need in a time of remote work and employee discomfort was internal communications, primarily driven by HR departments, which we also targeted and managed to land a major retailer.

This might all sound self-congratulory but in the midst of a cruel economy, the intent is to encourage business owners and executives that there will always be like-minded companies that refuse to wait for bad times to pass and with a bit of thinking, you’ll figure who needs you and why.

But how do you reach them?

Our own strapline and driver informed our response to the challenge.

Stand out. Be Found.

This means making sure that your brand positioning differentiates you. And make sure that those looking for you can actually find you.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa


Sherpa is a well-established brand and design company with a proven ability to position and differentiate brands. Stand out. And then we help like-minded people ‘find’ our clients in the dynamic and competitive digital space. Be Found. The two go hand in hand.

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