For the very first time

For the very first time

For the very first time

I remember my very first product launch. It was for a bank. I had a big title but little experience. I did everything by the book. And seeing my product on TV that night was a shock. Like, wow! – hope somebody buys it. Please. And if we hit sales budget, I promise never to swear at the IT developer again!

Getting to work the next day my boss called me in and gave me “the talk”. He spoke about this baby that now needed nurturing. “When it coughs . you give it medicine . when it’s hurting, you comfort it .”.

And so I have Micky to thank for my ongoing love affair with all things product and brand. These days, Sherpa helps companies to give birth to new products, brands and companies. Yesterday, in talking to the marketing director of a company that we’d helped with the launch of a new brand and product, I saw that same proud twinkle in his eyes. “Can you believe that it’s been a year since RELAY was launched in the market!?”

It’s an incredible sense of taking something that nobody else has – even if it’s features are only marginally different, the name and personality are all yours – and putting it into a harsh, unforgiving world. Importantly, you’re aiming to put it in front of people who will loveit, buy it and tell all their friends how cute it is. If others think your product is an ugly little baby, who cares?!

After the excitement of the launch, it’s sobering to remember Micky’s “talk” – the real hard work of bringing up that product or brand only just begins. If you’re a little negligent as a parent, your “baby” risks becoming delinquent.

If you are vigilant, attentive and a good parent, your “baby” will grow into a fine young adult that opens a new world for you.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa

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