Five reasons why Sherpa is a good investment

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Five reasons why Sherpa is a good investment

Dual understanding.
As an example, if you’re marketing to IFA’s, it is important for the agency to have an intuitive understanding of what is happening in that space. Decimated books. A certain inertia. An ageing demographic. Remote consulting. Fear of being replaced by technology. If you know this, you can connect so much easier, touching on neuro marketing. Similarly, the agency needs to understand your products, services, and what makes your business tick. The only way to find the magic in the middle is to understand both sides.

Managing costs
The lack of agency experience and understanding can result in spending months on familiarisation which translates to frequent reverts and reworks. All of this adds to the loss of energy, momentum and passion from both the client and agency. Importantly, costs are impacted. 

Beyond value
With our dual understanding, Sherpa can also provide input on brand and marketing strategies, ensuring that all spend is focused, meaningful and purposeful. Our deeper understanding can also help the sales team to ‘connect’ early when pitching for business. 

Growth & support
Where our client’s marketing managers are inexperienced but willing and ambitious, Sherpa’s on-the-job mentoring occurs naturally, accelerating the marketing leads growth. In companies where having an in-house marketing resource is not feasible, Sherpa essentially becomes the outsourced marketing lead and department.  

Underpinning all of this is a serious creative team, headed by Sherpa’s Creative Director Claire Yates. The creative team includes design, copy writing, social media, and digital channels.

Sherpa’s CEO Gary Hendrickse has led portfolios such as brand management, marketing management, product management, business development, and sales management for some of SA’s top financial services brands. He gained first-hand experience in sectors such as Retail Banking, Business Banking, Asset Management, Insurance and Financial Planning. Since founding Sherpa, Wealth Management, Private Equity, Corporate and Specialised Finance, and Alternative Investments have been added to our ‘knowledge portfolio’.

Sherpa is a B-BBEE Level 2 company, adding to the investment value.
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