Getting waxed

Getting waxed

I was meeting with an account exec at Barno Plastics, Monique, checking her progress into an important market segment for them. After listening patiently to my promptings, she responded: “Gary, I have that industry waxed”.

Everything that had been planned from a sales and marketing perspective was happening, with little left to luck or chance. Down to individual client or prospect level. This best describes Sherpa’s new sales system waXd.

waXd combines our marketing and sales experience with the software development expertise of DataX to provide a practical client database system and logical way of managing Sales and getting results.

We wanted to provide something that offered the core functionality of a customer relationship management system (CRM) but focused mostly on helping the salesperson or manager to achieve their sales targets. At the end of the day, you can know the colour of your clients’ eyes, what their hobbies are, yudda yudda, but if you are not investing in a system and approach that actually retains clients and converts prospects to users, what’s the point?

In many respects, waXd is a sales methodology, approach, plan, performance management process, marketing support tool and database all in one.

It is actually more than that. Sales people are modern day warriors. Each day is a challenge, taking clients away from others and then trying to hold onto those same clients. It cannot be a haphazard thing – it needs a battle plan and, above all, a commitment to support the sales team.

You just have to get it waXd!

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa
March 2008

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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