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SHERPA is helping Weskus Distrik to position itself as a strategic brand, a vision to attract investment into the region.

What do they sell?

The notion of a municipality positioning itself as a brand is a stretch for many in the public sector. Surely, municipalities sell ‘public service’ as it was put to me. But that’s like saying Nike sells sport apparel.

And why not just design a new logo? Well, logos don’t attract investors.

We needed to find out what it was about Weskus Distrik that would attract investors and those looking for a functional place to migrate to.

And so, we worked with the Weskus executive team and management on their brand architecture.

Authentic brand.

We were aware of their admirable record of clean governance, which is already a strong motivator for investors but digging deeper, we found traits that they took for granted but formed the bedrock for a compelling brand. These traits created brand values.

SOLID – in a dysfunctional arena, Weskus Distrik’s track record of governance was unparalleled with 13 consecutive clean audits awarded by the Auditor General.

INCLUSIVE – an environment where diverse cultures, experiences, and expertise work seamlessly towards common purpose.

ASPIRATIONAL – a learning culture where both young and mature officials continue growing a developing so that the current and future aspirations of Weskus Distrik’s communities are met as the world changes.

ACTION – captured by the Executive Mayor rallying instruction of ‘Laat Waai’, things happen quickly in this municipality. Talk is cheap – it’s better to say, ‘well done’ than ‘well said’.

Providing others with hope.

Based on their track record of not only clean governance – which they view as a qualifier – but their vision and ability to make things happen, the Weskus team is committed to helping other municipalities to improve their performance, working tirelessly to bring hope for a better South Africa.

As SHERPA’s first client in the public sector, we are incredibly proud to be associated with Weskus Distrik as they strive to make South Africa a better place.

They tick all the boxes required of local government, punch way above their weight, and are setting an example for others to follow.


Gary Hendrickse
Visit Weskus LinkedIn.

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