Internal Communications 2018

internal communications 2018

Internal Communications 2018

Internal Communications 2018. What we’d like to see

As we scurry to get the last of the internal communications projects out for 2017, let’s take a look at what we’d like to do more of in 2018.


We definitely want to see a shift away from a tick-box mentality when it comes to internal communications. If it’s about ticking a box, don’t do it. Rather, try to align your internal communications plan very closely to what the organisation is trying to achieve so that you can show some kind of ROI and real purpose. Move from “nice” to “effective” in 2018.


2018 must be the year of the video. We all talk about it but the cost of completing a quality video can be scary and of course, most of us are not that confident when recording. Others don’t like what they see on the video. Get used to it – that’s what you look like!

Internal communications is about reaching your people so it can be authentic and real. Use your mobile phone and just be natural. You can of course improve so start practising. Just you, your mobile and the moon. Practise. So let’s still have good articles but what about mixing it with a bit of video for starters.


Don’t allow the Executive team to pay lip service to internal communications. One way of getting their attention is to ask about their strategies and priorities so that you can support this through relevant internal communications, as described in Point 1. Ask the Exec for just an hour of their time per month so that you can conduct an interview and create compelling, relevant copy.

Then keep the Exec in the loop with feedback reports about open rates, click through rates etc. Take it seriously. Compare your stats to industry norms. Do a PR job for your internal communications, nobody else will. Involve the Exec by explaining what you’re doing to improve engagement or ask them for ideas.


Move away from the quarterly or half yearly or whatever never newsletter – good news can’t wait. Besides, there’s a direct correlation between frequency and open rates. Create quality news and whack it out as and when it happens. Have your pre-planned content and schedule by all means but try to be more dynamic.


Take accountability for poor communications by using software which allows employees to unsubscribe from your internal communications newsletters. Yes, let them unsubscribe!

Putting the CEO’s name down as author or sender doesn’t necessarily translate into riveting reading. So show respect for employees by creating content that is relevant, engaging, entertaining and yes, even riveting.


Don’t bang your head on the wall if you don’t get 100% of employees excited, delighted and ignited about your internal communications. With the best will in the world, getting 100% is not going to happen for many weird and wonderful reasons. One reason is that you just don’t know where an employee’s head is when that communication thuds gently into their inbox or mobile phone.

Aim for 20%-25% of followers or groupies and make sure that you’re reaching those that will make a difference in the business. Find ways to involve the “tigers” in your business – before you know it, the “next row” will start edging towards the stage.


If you would like the tigers in your business to roar, talk to Gary Hendrickse about an internal communications programme which sets the scene.

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