Internal communications must reach the right people

internal employee communications

Internal communications must reach the right people

Looking at internal email campaigns in the workplace, one sees an open rate of about 66% across all industries and a click rate of somewhere between 6% and 10%, with about 21% on mobile devices.

“Clients often stress about what they see as a low click rate. Frankly, if I’m getting 10% plus and those kind of numbers on mobile I would be very happy – provided my tigers were in that bunch,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Who are these tigers?

“The tigers are the shakers and movers in a business that make things happen. Or, they want to make things happen. Not everybody is cut out to be a tiger. This doesn’t make them bad employees – maybe they sit quietly and just do their work diligently. But the tigers chase down opportunities. They close out competitors. If the tigers are reading my communications and taking a lead from it, I’m very happy – even if that only represents a click through rate of say, 15% or whatever,” says Gary.

In Gary’s view, internal employee communications is as complex as reaching external markets and the tigers just add another layer.

“In a large organisation, you’re already looking at demographics and figuring what media will reach which segments most effectively. What about looking at behaviour and attitude – who are the people that will influence others and provide the positive word-of-mouth within an organisation that you want? How do you reach them? For sure, the tigers will be one segment that you want your communications to reach.”

(Stat source: Newsweaver)

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