Is your website on Pace? Sherpa do marketing too!

Is your website on Pace? Sherpa do marketing too!

Yes, Sherpa also has a marketing budget. Our design studio has been doing some great website work and we wanted to “get it out there”. The concept was to pose pertinent web-based questions to carefully selected targets. Although we were focusing the marketing drive on web-based products, the mailer was paper-based but with a header of:“Print? Yes, there is still a place. But you need to own the online space. Let’s check if your website is on pace.”


The key questions posed were:

  • If you Google one of your key words or phrases, are you within the Top Twenty rankings?
  • Does your website display well on a large screen, small screen and iPad?
  • Is your website navigation clear? Do visitors know exactly where to go?
  • Is your bounce rate higher than 40%?
  • Are you happy that your brand values and personality are both reflected in your website?
  • Is your Facebook strategy working?

And then the call to action. Yebo.

Speaking of action, we were then forced to take a look at our own Sherpa website, now two years old. So watch this space!!

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