Lead like a leader

New approach for brand leadership

Lead like a leader

Sherpa has been helping businesses develop their brands for over 10 years now, packing in all the brand skills that one would normally associate with multi-national brands.

“Working on and activating a brand strategy for a business is Sherpa’s premium service and we constantly refine our approach. There are good reasons why so few business manage to develop brands. For one, we are dealing with something powerful but intangible. Business owners struggle to get their heads around this. Secondly, it is very difficult to activate the brand strategy – basically, to roll it out,” says Sherpa’s CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Gary believes that because very few businesses are able to develop true brands, it represents a massive opportunity.

“I recall clearly sitting with Sherpa’s first brand strategy client, the CEO and founder of a Cape Town-based company that operated globally. He said that he understood that adopting a brand mindset and implementing it in his company would not be easy. But it would not be easy for his competitors either so if he got it right, the chances were good that his company would take a competitive leap. That’s still the best rationale that I’ve learnt for a business to build their brand,” says Gary.

Sherpa’s LEADER approach simplifies the process even further into four modules which flow logically into each other:

  • THINK like a Leader
  • LOOK like a Leader
  • TALK like a Leader
  • LEAD like a Leader.

Gary takes Sherpa’s clients through the process with a single-minded objective. Leadership.

Building a brand is not easy – it is hard work for the client and also needs energy and passion. So if you work with Sherpa, the end game is to become the leader brand in your sector. This does not necessarily mean the biggest brand – what we’d know as a brand leader – but rather, the most admired and most profitable. Also, with e-commerce and online marketing being the norm today, you need to stand out in a very crowded space. You literally have a second or two to attract attention.”

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