Let your brand breathe

Let your brand breathe

Let your brand breathe

And start leading, really leading


Frankly, “satisfied customers”, “professional” and “service excellence” have become tickets to the game, all from the tail-end of the industrial revolution. Things have since moved on. And please stop the “mission statement” thing – that’s so internally-driven. People think and react differently today. They want more now. They want less tomorrow. Quality to some means sub-standard or outstanding to others.

With such rapid change in thinking, brand has become the most important “nothing” in business. Irrespective of your size or budget, you need to think brand. We say “nothing” because your brand is not your logo or font or symbol or product. It’s simply the way that people “experience” your product or service. How do you want people to experience you? Does it matter? It matters – ask brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, etc. what the value of their brand is.

The mistake business owners or CEOs make is that they think brands are for corporates with zillion Rand budgets. Not so. It doesn’t really matter whether half the world knows you or not, you should only be interested in being the leading brand in areas where you want to be.

“The simplicity in brand development lies in figuring what really connects with whom and then structuring not only your messaging, but also your people and processes behind that – your brand, the experience – as well. This way, the intangible becomes tangible. Sounds easy, but there’s a reason why so few companies actually get it – a brand. It takes the commitment of a mountain climber. But, get to the top and the view is spectacular,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Talk to Gary about our Brand DNA Workshops where you’ll take the first step towards becoming a leader brand.

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