Logo refresh

Logo refresh

Logo refresh

What inspires and motivates a logo refresh?

There are many factors but the underlying condition is when something changes, either in the company, your audience or both.

  • Change in demographics
  • Company repositioning
  • Attracting new uses and users of products or services
  • Environmental considerations
  • Competitor actions,
  • Changing attitudes and behaviour of the target audience.
  • Logo not displaying well in the digital space.

Often, the logo and corporate identity used when the company started is just tired or reflects a bygone era, conveying a fatal message. It just doesn’t excite people and has lost its meaning. Things have just moved too fast.

In its most simple application, would you allow your sales people to visit clients in a tattered safari suit? Give them a modern logo to take with them.

Since March 2020, attitudes have changed.

It didn’t start in 2020, the pandemic just rushed it on. Influenced by the dominant millennial marketing cohort, one started seeing a design shift to minimalism, retro and eco themes.

There is a search for simplicity (also works better on digital), a yearning for what people heard were the ‘good old days’ and of course, empathising with our troubled earth.

When looking at a brand refresh or change, try not to shoehorn your logo into a style which resonates with you personally. How many times have I heard “It doesn’t work for me.” You’re not your client or customer. In doing a Brand DNA workshop, be guided by a brand strategy professional and a qualified graphic designer. You’ll find out new things not only about your company but importantly, about your audience.

A brand refresh can be dramatic or subtle, as we see here:

Whether it’s a shift or jump will mostly be determined by the intensity of factors contributing to the need for a brand refresh or change. Either way, a change has time and cost implications plus some risk so it’s best to do your homework first, ideally a brand audit and a brand DNA exercise. Or, well-informed graphic designer will have a good sense of what needs to be done. These exercises do not need to be costly but done diligently, the right answers and direction will present naturally and logically.

Contact Sherpa’s Creative Director Claire Yates to discuss your logo and corporate identity, get a sense of logo trends and overall, an expert and objective view.


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