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With the price of petrol pumping up, isn’t it time to find cheaper ways to meet with clients?

Over the last month or so, our strategy to earn foreign currency has started to fall into place. We’ve had frequent ‘meetings’ in London, Moscow and even Houston, Texas. All on Skype. And when I consider that one of our top local clients is in Johannesburg but we seldom see them, it makes me wonder whether – given the junk bond-induced fuel prices and time spent in traffic – is there not a better way?

Now I’m not writing this to suggest that Sherpa has opted out of visiting clients at their premises. Not at all. I’m suggesting that most of our clients have a need to visit their clients or prospects so maybe my ramblings will spark some thoughts on how you can reduce your own cost.

I get that the human interaction is great and often necessary. But there just seems to be a greater urgency communicating online, with our without the little video camera. The client is not really interested whether you’re from South Africa, USA or even Russia. They quickly get a sense of whether they like you or not and whether you can deliver what they want at a reasonable price.

It’s not just about normal day-to-day communication to clients. It’s also about pitching for new business. If your offer is compelling enough and backed by a well-worked presentation, why wouldn’t they choose you?


Gary Hendrickse
Sherpa CEO & Brand Strategist

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency