Moving on

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Moving on

After 15 years of happy memories in the Vineyard Office Estate, Sherpa is moving towards a hybrid environment.

When COVID struck in March 2020, we exited our beautiful office environment and wrapped our collective heads around weighty ‘remote’ issues such as:

  • Preserving and even improving our company culture and values
  • Maintaining productivity, quality and performance
  • Servicing our existing clients as well as before COVID, and
  • Growing through attracting new clients.

We think that we got it right and it’s time to move on.

In truth, we had managed many of our clients remotely for years as many clients are Gauteng-based or offshore, seldom involving in-person meetings.

We paid our full rental throughout these COVID years and while this might seem a waste, we are proud to have stuck to our obligations as many businesses simply packed up and left their landlords hanging. The cash lost in unutilised space was essentially an investment in preparing Sherpa for a new model.

Moving on, we will be shifting towards a hybrid model where we will secure premises which are Sherpa-branded and serve as a breakaway space, cater for essential in-person meetings, and a quality facility which our travelling clients can enjoy when in Cape Town. We are still available for in-person meetings or travel.

Until we have crystallised our hybrid model and found Sherpa’s new base camp, we will continue working remotely and seamlessly as we have done since early 2020.


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