Natural blonde or bottle blonde?

Natural Blonde vs Bottle Blonde

Natural blonde or bottle blonde?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) vs. Pay per click (PPC)?


Clients often ask us whether they should be using SEO or PPC to maximise traffic to their websites. We would probably say that PPC – our bottle blonde – should be used when improvements are needed in a very short time. Perhaps there’s a promotion running. We’ve found one gets many enquiries, many of them not relevant. SEO, on the other hand, is most cost-efficient if ranking improvement is not required immediately and, in our view, is a far more natural and credible solution to building an effective presence on the search engines.

Let’s examine the benefits of SEO and PPC:



High ROI

Low initial investment

Long term positioning

Set your own budget

Targeted traffic

PPC advertising levels the playing field

24/7 promotion that doesn’t sleep

Instant results

Increase brand visibility

Real-time “trackability”

Higher sales

National/international exposure

Faster loading pages

Increase local visibility

More cost-effective

Excellent search engine positioning

Increased accessibility

Cross-browser compatibility

Navigable by the engines

Improved usability


See SEO or PPC as just one aspect of your marketing mix – ideally you’re integrating all things online effectively to provide strong sales, marketing and brand support.

Sherpa has a fantastic package or approach called WAXD which we developed especially with small and mid-sized businesses in mind. We integrate your website designweb development and website maintenance with SEO and a Facebook strategy, complimented by objective-driven e-communications to provide you with everything you need, all working together and at a price that will astound you (pleasantly).

Contact or and find out why Sherpa’s clients have it WAXD!

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