New media PR

New Media PR

New media PR

Your brand and social media

Social media has extended PR possibilities for your brand as the pressure mounts to become involved in this media phenomenon. The stats speak volumes – we know that there are over 500 million Facebook users, that every second person is tagging thoughts on Twitter and that LinkedIn profiles are being updated by the second. The impressive stats will give a sense of “if we’re not there, we’re nowhere!”

But don’t just jump into it.

Forget the hype, think about it and put a workable plan together.

You should be using new media space as a PR platform opportunity, allowing your brand to compete on an equal level with large competitors. But whether you use a Facebook Page or mainstream media publications (yes, including print), you need to determine what the best fit is for you. One of the saddest things is a company Facebook Page with the only postings coming from the MD’s granddaughter.

Here are a couple of questions to ask before you just jump on the social media bandwagon.


Facebook is about a conversation and sharing with your brand. Do you understand your brand intimately so that you know how to initiate – let alone steer – the conversation? Do you understand why your client connects with you? If it’s as shallow as “great service” then you’ll soon run out of things to talk about. Perhaps you have some interesting newsworthy information to share which will guarantee some media coverage (without touching your advertising budget!).

If you truly understand your brand – unexpected opportunities may emerge!


Do you understand the social environment in general? It can’t be difficult because hundreds of million people are using it, right? Look at how your competitors are using Facebook BUT remember – chances are they are just as confused. And if anybody says they’re a “social media guru” then run a mile. We are all still learning – but if you understand your brand, you’re ahead of the game.

And once you’re up, don’t let the agency or PR company manage it for you. Let them guide, steer and coach you, but have in-house champions.


What do you want to achieve? Businesses are asking “where are the sales from those millions of people on Facebook?” Of course sales is the desired outcome, but you’re on Facebook to build your brand, engage in conversations with your clients and “connect” (which is the most critical aspect in sales). Determine a strategy. Here are some examples:

  • Build a loyal community that spreads word of mouth
  • Extend the brand experience to an online environment
  • Promote services and products (but in a natural, conversational way).

Once you have your strategy right, it’s a lot easier to figure out a plan as to which media tools you’ll need to use and how to use them.

Contact Sherpa for a free consultation about the potential for your business to perform in this new environment. Unexpected opportunities may emerge!

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