Nothing traditional about marketing

nothing traditional about marketing

Nothing traditional about marketing

Although a big chunk of Sherpa’s revenue lies in our interactive or digital services, I am getting a little irritated with egg heads shouting “traditional marketing is dead” because it is just so self-serving and misguided. Frankly, its plain dumb.

In my book, there is no such thing as “traditional marketing” – just a huge range of communications options to trigger reactions and achieve certain imaging and messaging objectives.

What we face daily are clients with big chunks of their limited budgets sunk into specific areas by one-legged ponies posing as “new media” racehorses. Run a mile from “new media gurus”. One company has almost their entire budget sunk into SEO (search engine optimisation), looking for top rankings on Google. What happens when they get to page one – and nothing happens? Another has gone crazy over Facebook because, well, traditional marketing is dead, right!? People want conversations, right?! All people?

As mentioned, we offer interactive products and services and we embrace these magnificent tools of the trade. I love the fluidity, spontaneity, reach and interactivity of all things in digital communications.

But I must tell you that two of our clients are getting more QUALIFIED sales appointments than they’ve ever received from their websitesocial media campaign or SEO, by using good old-fashioned one-one appointment settings from a very slick little call centre outfit. And they still spend budget and time on their website, SEO, Facebook, banner advertising and online communications. They have a Brand, Marketing and Communications Strategy which pulls everything together, showing how everything supports the other. Integrated.

When one says “traditional marketing”, I would rather refer to an outdated way of thinking than the actual channels or media used. Every little piece in your Brand, Marketing and Communications Strategy must fit like a puzzle.

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