9 reasons why Ora has an edge

9 reasons ORA has an edge

9 reasons why Ora has an edge

Ora is a Latin word which, when roughly translated, refers to that place – the edge – where the sea wets the sand, where the mountain touches the sky, where the river washes the rocks. Solidity. Fluidity. This type of thinking inspired the naming of Ora Fund Managers, formerly Nodus Financial Technologies, as they looked to re-define their category and stake a leadership position.

Ora’s area of expertise lies in designing, managing and marketing capital preservation funds – an asset class that is generally considered, quite frankly, boring compared to the more volatile equity markets. Ora don’t see it that way. They retain the caution required in the capital preservation market but deliver exotic solutions based on current and emerging market trends, designing funds for the likes of Sanlam. The strap line of Where caution meets innovation fits pretty neatly with Ora. It is also credible – the Ora team delivers what their brand promises.

For Sherpa, this was a project which we thoroughly enjoyed, from crafting the brand DNA right through to resourcing and activating the brand. The Ora team were not looking for just a name and logo – they wanted a brand that reflected what they do. That’s what drives us – clients that believe they can step out from the norm. Our appreciation to the Ora team of Abrie, Caylin, Christelle, Ian D, Ian G, Jorika, Mark, Ockert and Wayne for allowing our team to be the best that we can be.

And what gives Ora the edge?
Well, if you believe like we do that great brands are actually made by great people than there’s 9 good reasons why Ora will always have an edge!


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