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Design trends are influenced by culture and media, technology, fashion, and other industries. Increasingly, by behaviour as we see web or digital design trends synching into graphic design approaches.

The thing about design trends is that they can become overused. Design reflects brand DNA and brands have their own design rules. So don’t follow trends regardless – design trends arrive over a period of time and then, like coals on a fire, fizzle out slowly over time.

Negative space

Accountants hate negative space in design because they think that they’re paying for, well, blank spaces. From a design perspective, negative or white space is an important part of any good design. Used well, negative space can be a clever way to add deeper or double meaning to a design, particularly for logo design and brand design projects. Negative space also gives your design composition a more minimal look.

Bright, bold colours

Cutting through 80’s and 90’s styles, vibrant hues are proving popular this year. We seem to be moving away from the muted, 1960’s-inspired palettes towards richer, bright pastels and neons in design.

Material design

Heavily influenced by Google, web and mobile design, material design principles or Flat 2.0 are now emerging in all types of design formats. This form of visual language is characterised by, according to Google, “deliberate colour choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography, and intentional white space” for a bold, graphic look.

Geomatric shapes

Geometric shapes and patterns are a motif that aligns with some of the 80’s-era trends. This type of design can be used as graphic elements, as backgrounds, as an illustrative technique. There’s also an interesting style called “low poly” which started as a 3D modelling technique for video games. This type of design will increasingly show outside of the gaming world, edging into web and even print design projects.

Dramatic typography

Typography is no longer just for reading – rather, designers are using it to make a statement. In design, it can create drama through size, colour, texture or arrangement. You’ll be seeing big, bold type that’s the centre of attention.

These are just some of the trends that the designers think through when looking for optimal design options to suit your brand or purpose. We’re seeing design from the 80’s and 90’s coming through, with influence from web and mobile-based applications.

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