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Over the years, Sherpa has formally and often informally, acted as the outsourced marketing department and marketing manager (or even marketing director) for some of our clients.

We love it, full involvement.

Full on Sherpa!

From crafting the brand strategy and structuring a marketing plan, right down to activation through our creative team.

A strength of Sherpa is our ability to bridge the brand gap which typically exists when the left brain, structured and linear approach required by Marketing and the more creative, right brain and intangible requirements of Brand, fail to connect, forming this chasm. These are two specialist skills and it is extremely rare to find these attributes in one place, let alone being able to afford having both skills working on your account. We were delighted when one of our clients said that just having these skills behind his company gave him a competitive advantage.

Sherpa’s Outsourced Marketing Management function involves the following elements:

The last element – the design, content and creative arm of Sherpa – is key as it not only results in consistent and relevant execution of strategy, but also provides compelling cost savings for the client as Sherpa bundles its services.

Sherpa’s outsourced marketing service has not only served SMB’s extremely well but also small corporates who want a highly skilled and experienced brand and marketing executive to drive these portfolios but don’t have the budget for such skills in addition to the creative agency skills.

Providing a premium level of skills to SME’s and SMB’s was the idealistic intent of Sherpa from the start, but it took years of refinement to make this a workable reality. Today, we continue to offer this fully-bundled, fully-integrated outsourced Brand and Marketing team or department as our premium (but accessible) service not only to businesses but also to the corporate market.

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