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Sherpa’s promise to its clients of Stand out. Be Found is true of all we do, but particularly relevant when it comes to SEO. “Be found” – people looking for what you offer must find you. And when they do find you on Google or other search engines, you need to “stand out” from the others around you.

Looking at our approach, you’ll find that our websites get less hits than others but more conversions. We think that his might have to do with the way we differentiate our clients, providing natural qualifying.

So what are some of the SEO areas that we‘ll be emphasising with our SEO clients this year?

Social media

Content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is becoming more important. An article published by Impactbnd.com suggests that 76% of marketers are already using social media to boost and support SEO efforts. This means that a lot more thought needs to go into Facebook posts as part of a competitive SEO strategy. The lines between ‘web’ and ‘social media’ will become increasingly blurred as we move towards true integration of content.


According to Market Land, videos make for 62% of all Google searches universally. And Relescoo.com say that video searches earn a 41% higher click-through rate than static content. These are compelling enough reasons to start introducing videos into ones website and SEO thinking. Besides, it forces us to clearly position the brand in 1-2 minutes or so. Clear brand positioning. This is what we do. This is who we do it for. This is how we make a positive difference.

Other areas that are becoming increasingly important in SEO are content aggregation, the exponential growth of mobile apps and voice search function. Overall, too many businesses look at SEO as a standalone function or discipline. One could argue where it could or should fit, but we would suggest that, today, SEO should fit comfortably within an integrated content marketing plan. Not only would integration of this nature prove more effective but should actually reduce costs as well.

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