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We’re not sure how to separate PR, social media and content marketing and that’s probably because it has practically just all converged into a way of thinking.

Our social media analyst, copywriter, designer, web developer, PR consultant and brand strategist all sit in one room. That’s six seemingly diverse skills all focused on making your social media platform work for you.

Here are some of our guiding social media thoughts.

Social media is the new PR platform

PR has many formats and directions. Some see PR purely as “getting free coverage in media” otherwise known as “earned media”. It is obviously still important to work with media, which should form a part of most PR strategies. However, through social media today, even small companies can run their own PR campaigns because they can create their own media platforms, for example on Facebook. So you’ve got to build credibility.

Real-time. Be real

Spontaneous. An insatiable appetite for news and information. So people are looking for information 24/7. With this, they’re expecting you to respond to questions or leading comments NOW, not tomorrow when the communications manager arrives at work. Real-time in social media is a mindset where the sun never sets on content.

As brand strategists, we know a common view that brands are about perception is nonsense. Brands are about the reality. In an age of so much information at one’s fingertips, how can one talk about perceptions? Brands are about how people see you. Reality. So don’t try to be what you’re not, you’ll get caught out quickly on social media platforms.

It’s about them, not you!

Social media is ideal for building brands as both share an enduring belief that it’s NOT about us (the company or product),  it’s about them, the people. So imagine that you’re on stage with an audience in front of you. Start thinking like an entertainer or  publisher as opposed to an advertiser when using social media as a platform.

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