Pain, passion and pride

Pain Passion and Pride

Pain, passion and pride

“I was marketing manager of a business bank and having arrived from a corporate banking and asset management environment, now working the B2B sector of mostly small and mid-sized businesses was new to me. It changed my life – a few years later, Sherpa was born. We wanted to use the considerable skills and experience we’d gathered while working for big brands and give smaller businesses a crack at becoming leading brands,” says CEO Gary Hendrickse.

“While at the bank, I’d sit with the clients – mostly small business owners – and just take in how they started their businesses, their scary moments, their successes, their fears. I was fascinated – I just wanted to know everything about them. Pain, passion and pride. I wanted to help them to tell their stories in a way that resonated with the market as much as it intrigued me.

Sherpa’s core skill is the ability to develop winning brand strategies and then, through design and communications, get a story across which resonates with audiences. It’s a high level of skills which differentiates Sherpa. We call it High Altitude Marketing.”

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