Looks promising

Looks Promising

Looks promising

Thanks to our clients and the Sherpa team, 2012 has been a good year and a number of aspects have worked very well.

“More businesses are approaching us to assist with brand strategy. With the explosion of online or digital channels, you just have to find ways to differentiate and gain an advantage that is not price-related. So smaller businesses have to start thinking like brands – it’s not just for the mega-brands. It’s about building sustainable businesses,” says Elsa.

The other area which has developed well this year was Public Relations.

Gary says: “It made sense – many of our clients have stories to tell and the credibility gained and return-on-investment achieved for our clients from being published in mainstream media now forms an important part of our services. In truth, it was a lucky break getting our first PR account and we are grateful for the opportunity, but Amelia picked it up and ran hard with it. We were delighted with a 2463% return on investment achieved for a client in a recent campaign.”

Another area that worked very well was the SEO (search engine optimisation) performance despite making the painful decision to close their “specialist” SEO function in January 2012.

Elsa says that it was a tough call to make but clients’ Google rankings have since improved significantly.

“We needed to take out the academic aspects of SEO and rather point the collective skills of Sherpa at the challenge of improving client rankings. Now, design, technical, copywriting, communications, marketing, sales and business skills are thrown at the challenge – and it’s working very well,” says Elsa.

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